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opponent score NoP    Man of the war
 South Africa WH 8:10 4v4 1st BomBarDeR 
 Europe -=V=- 8:6 4v4 3rd Raptor
 Czech Republic =°[T.R]°= 15:3 2v2 1st Zizu
 Czech Republic =°[T.R]°= 21:3 3v4 1st Whisky
 Czech Republic =°[T.R]°= 15:3 3v3 1st Salomon
 Europe -=|†»[EÐ]«†|=-  11:7 3v3 3rd Salomon
 Czech Republic =°[T.R]°= 10:8 5v5 1st Salomon
 Europe -=|†»[EÐ]«†|=-  10:8 5v5 3rd Morfus
 Europe OBC 13:5 4v4 3rd Phantom
 Czech Republic PRO 3:15C 4v4 1st -
 Czech Republic PRO     3rd  


   C - Contumacious lost / win